RISCOS Computing.

If you have never heard of RiscOs computing the fact that I am an enthusiast
may not seem very interesting but please do read on, or skip to my set up.
Reduced Instruction Set Computing was developed in Britain by Acorn Computers
of Cambridge, using its own RiscOS operating system and running on ARM co-processors.
RiscOS has probably the best Graphical User Interface there is and is very easy and
intuitive to use.The system which is held in ROM, not on the hard drive, is extremely
stable especially when multi-tasking.
Further more ARM code is extremely efficient and even very sophisticated programs rarely need more than 2MB of memory. Although there aren't the thousands of specialist programs
as exist for PC systems none the less there are first class programs for :

*Word processing
*Desktop publishing
*Relational Databases
*Small Business accounts
*Image manipulation
*Graphic Art
*WWW access
*Networks (inc.mixed - RiscOS,PC,Unix etc)
*Video , Midi., Music Notation
and many more.

RiscOS contains a Basic assembler ( including WIMP based Basic) an ARM code assembler
and programs are also available for other languages (e.g. Fortran, Pascal, C++, and now Linux)
RiscOS also includes an Editor, a Bit map painting facility, a vector drawing program as well
as a bit map manipulator for common formats from other platforms - all in ROM not taking up disc space or RAM.

Links to: My Downloads (RiscOS machines only


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