J D Pearson Downloads

These programs are for RISC OS computers only

Photostitch. A program for joining and blending sprites to make panoramas.Version 2_06j.

Samples.Some Jpegs to try out the above program. (You will need to convert to sprites first) approx 1.3MB

Showjpeg. Vers 1-06r.Dec 2012 JPEG viewer and carousel.Useful for viewing CDRoms of your own photos. This latest version works on A9 as well and OS6. Some further bug fixes, including correct sizing/dpi of jpegs.

Needs OS 3.7 or better. Approx 76KB

Nvelope. a single envelope program. Just leave it ready on your iconbar Updated version Jan 06

Printenable. a basic program to kick Epson printers on USB using !Printers


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