My setup.

I have 32Acorn computers at present. A Raspberry Pi running RISC OS and a RiscPC.


The RiscPC is a turbo Strong Arm Unipod card fitted, 128 MB RAM, CDx8, CD writer and two Hard drives. There is also a VPod card for improved graphic displayThe current OS is RO6. This machine is my home work horse.
There are two cd drives, one of which is a cd write drive.Software is !CD Burn

Additionally I have one PC running Windows 7 which has three uses:

Video work producing mainly DVD's

Browsing the occasional site that I can't access on the RiscPC

As a printer driver for My Epson R265- but Gimp_Print is now sometimes used If the PC isn't on and booted.

All  computers are connected via LAN

A KMV box from Start Tyrell Developments

A network connection using !Lanman 98 and !SambasServer

Broadband internet connection is via a Solwise router with Wi Fi. Internet Provider is

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