I am a keen videographer.

Most of my work is about holidays and journeys I have done.

I have also produced or co-produced some feature films.

Titles are mainly released under the West Cairn Films label.

some of the work is limited in distribution to members of the commissioning

organisation, for copy write reasons.

The work is purely as a hobby, done free. The only requirement is that I like

the topic!

With an associate I have done productions for, Preston Opera

Kendal G&S Society

Bolton (New Rosemere) G&S Society

St Luke's School (in my home village)

and two Historical films on the lives of  St.Edmund Arrowsmith

and St. Margaret Clitherow.

Small feature films were on the Historic Hest Bank Jetty

And a travel documentary, set to the Music of Smetana, on the

River Lune tracing its progress from The Howgill range through

The Lune Valley and Lancaster out to the Irish sea.